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Vaughan pops into the cell where the Code five who arrived in the casket is. He places a bag of blood in front of him. It's fresh, as evident by the plaster on Vaughan's arm, but the Code 5 isn't tempted, so Vaughan leaves.

Dr Hoyle protests by smearing the blood Vaughn offered on the two way mirror

Dr Hoyle protests by smearing the blood Vaughn offered on the two way mirror.

He joins Angie and Pearce behind the two way mirror. The Code 5 takes the bag and squeezes it until it bursts. He then walks to the mirror and smears it with blood. Vaughan quips that he's on a dirty protest, and that next time Angie or Pearce should open a vain. As the code five turns back to his chair Angie notices a scar on his neck, it looks like it cuts across his jugular.

Meanwhile Mike is at home when his car alarm goes off. He comes out of his house to see why it was set off, and finds an audio cassette under the windscreen wiper. He gets in his car and plays the tape. It's from Jacob. It's confirmed Jacob is code five as the voice on the tape is synthetic. It tells Mike to meet him on the Hammersmith bridge at sundown, and that Kirsty sends her regards.

Kirsty is in a towerblock office building. She glances at her watch, and then goes to a blind by the window. She opens it, only to find a solid wall behind it. Jacob comes along and tells her to stay away from the windows and closes the blind.

Jacob reassures her that Mike isn't going to be able to trace her to the building they are in. When he hides someone, they stay hidden. Kirsty asks if Jacob has ever had a gun pointed at him. He asks if she's sure Mike was going to shoot her. She replies that he looked at her like she was nothing, like she was someone else. She wonders why he's doing it, who's he working for...?

Back at HQ, Mike, Vaughan, Angie and Pearce are having a meeting to discuss their new guest. Vaughan asks about finger prints, but Angie replies they are like every other medium, ink doesn't record. They do have an artist working on it, but it will take some time. This is of course assume he doesn't pre-date finger printing Vaughan comments. Angie says the scar on his neck puts him firmly in the last 10-15 years. Until she examines him she can't be sure, but the scar looks like the result of a thyroidectomy. Vaughan says it doesn't give them much to go on. Pearce says that some surgeons leave signatures, so he's told, but they'd need to do a full autopsy to find that. In the meantime they should check out the hospitals. Mike comments on the use of the word autopsy. Pearce replies, is the correct term used for the dissection of dead tissue.

Outside the meeting room, Vaughan asks Mike how he wants to tackle it from here. Mike suggests they split up to cover more ground. Fine, Vaughan says. Good, Mike replies and leaves. He hasn't told anyone about Jacob's tape.

Pearce is in his office signing papers, when Angie comes in with a cup of tea. He asks if this is a new way of getting him to take his medicine? "And cheat you out of your martyrdom, heaven forbid" she quips. He's not in a laughing mood. She asks how much pain he's in. He tells her he'll take the drugs for his condition once their current case has been put to bed. He needs to be working with all faculties for just a little while longer. Fine, she says, "But just remember, pain effects judgement, and people who want quick answers tend to cut corners."

Mike goes round to Frances' house. She jokes that she'll have to start charging him by the hour. Like Pearce, Mike isn't in the mood for jokes. Inside the house, Frances asks Mike if he really believes Kirsty's been taken against her will. The last time she saw them, Kirsty and Jacob were working together as a team. Mike says Kirsty doesn't know what Jacob is. Frances replies in order to help him, she needs to know what Mike's involved with. He replies she'd have to see if for herself, and he hopes she never does.

Back at HQ, Pearce goes back to talk to their guest. He asks if he has everything he needs. The Code 5 replies he's a little starved of intellectual stimulation. Pearce suggests they talk about his travels, and comment he's never been to South America. The Code 5 replies he should go and see what man is doing to the rain forests, see who the real parasites are. Why should he care? Pearce asks. Aren't his kind all above nature? They are all part of the same ecosystem the Code 5 replies, whether Pearce likes it or not. "Ecosystem? You mean food chain."

"It doesn't have to stay that way," the Code 5 replies...

Mike and Frances look at Jacob's old files Mike and Frances go to Jacob's old newspaper office. The editor shows them Jacob's old desk, but warns them that Jacob wiped everything before he left. Frances gets to work using a "recover deleted files utility". Just as she starts Mike spots Vaughan arrive. He tells Frances to keep typing and pretend she works in the office while he distracts Vaughan.

Vaughan comments that if they'd worked like a team they wouldn't have been here in half the time. Mike asks him what brought Vaughan to the office, and he replies the same as him, Jacob. Jacob has been seen sniffing round Westminster hospitals asking about cancer patients, thyroid cancers. Vaughan asks if he's spoken to Jacob's old boss. Mike tells Vaughan to go ahead and talk to his boss - he's just pulling Jacob's files. Mike walks back to Frances, and she asks if Vaughan is one of his. Mike says yes, and she guesses correctly that Vaughan is the army guy Mike asked about before he was recruited.

Meanwhile Pearce is still talking to the Code 5. He asks if the Code 5 really believe mankind is capable of making itself extinct. He replies that there are some fires in South America that have been burning for over ten years. That we talk of reducing emissions in 20-30 years. Man kind lives for the moment, where as for his kind 50 years can seem like tomorrow. Is that why they are developing synthetic blood? For emergency stockpiles, Pearce asks. That was the initial motivation yes, the Code 5 agrees. But now they are moving into a new era. If they are successful, there would be no need for conflict. After all how could they justify a policy of extermination if his kind pose no threat - Pearce would be able to retire. "You exist," Pearce replies.

"We're irredeemable then?" the Code 5 asks.

"You renounced your humanity, it's a little late to be crying foul."

"I took that decision to help humanity."

"You crossed over to help yourself."

"What makes you say that?"

"You had cancer, you couldn't face death, you wanted to carry on."

"This is me we're talking about?" the Code 5 asks.

This stuns Pearce - does the Code 5 know he has cancer?

Back the newspaper office, Frances is successful in retrieving some of Jacob's old files. She asks where Mike wants the files. He tells her to keep hold of them for now until he can get rid of Vaughan. He leaves her as Vaughan comes out of the office, and tells Vaughan that there was nothing left on the computer - they leave.

Pearce tells the Code 5 that he has an excellent prognosis. Depends what you call excellent the Code 5 replies. How many years does he have? Pearce tells him he's wasting his time, it won't work. Ah, but that's one of the benefits of immortality - only Pearce can waste his time. Immortality? "Without God, that's just another word for hell," Pearce says.

The Code 5 wondered when God would come up in conversation. And asks how God revealed himself to Pearce. "Was it through us?" he asks. Pearce doesn't reply. "We drove you into the Priesthood?" he comments. He goes on to ask, whether after all his years inside, has God revealed himself in any other way besides Code 5 existance. He comments that Pearce must be a logical chap. He doesn't understand his kind, so therefore they must be evil. Where there is evil, there must be God. But what happens if his kind are not evil? Where does that leave Pearce's faith?

Angie walks in and asks if Pearce has made any progress. Nothing but parables Pearce replies. "Time we got some facts."

Mike and Vaughan come out of the lift in the newspaper offices. Mike asks if Jacob got a name on John Doe. Vaughan believe it's the one who took him. What makes you think he's been taken? Mike asks. Usual story, Vaughan replies. Started working nights a few weeks back, and now he's disappeared. Mike says he'll check out some more hospitals. Vaughan says there's no point - Jacob's their lead now. Vaughan asks Mike if he knew the woman upstairs (meaning Frances). Mike replies no, why? Body language, Vaughan replies.

In the office block Jacob is sending an e-mail to someone. The beginning of it reads, "Access to Robert March established. Reandevous with intermediary scheduled for 20:10. Current location and merchandise secure." Before he can type any more Kirsty comes up behind him. He closes his lap top. Kirsty comments that he doesn't smell, "When did you find time for a shower?" she asks. He tries to distract her by pulling her onto his lap and kissing her. She gets up, not willing to be swayed, and asks him to tell her again how they are going to get out of their situation.

"Negotiation," he replies. But they don't have anything to negotiate with she points out. Jacob says nothing, and Kirsty asks him what is it, that he isn't telling her. He asks her if she trusts him. She says she trusted Jack and Mike. But does she trust him, he asks again. She doesn't reply. He doesn't blame her.

Kirsty starts to play with her hair and neck, the tension is getting to her. Jacob looks at her out of the corner of his eye, he clearly can't keep his gaze from her neck. He can't take anymore and says he has to leave and do something, telling her to stay where she is.

Meanwhile Mike and Vaughan break into Jacob's old flat. All the windows have been boarded up. Mike finds an item of clothing in the bedroom that clearly belonged to Kirsty. Vaughan calls to Mike after finding a dossier on Mike. It's okay - it's all old stuff no current address details. Vaughan asks if Mike knows what put Jacob onto him. Mike lies and says no. Vaughan also finds a video.

Mike and Vaughn bring Pearce up to speed re the videos they find in Jacob's old flat.

Mike and Vaughn bring Pearce up to speed re the videos they find in Jacob's old flat.

At HQ, Vaughan plays the video for Pearce. It's footage of a forest on fire in Indonesia from last year, five million acres were destroyed. Mike says they also found tapes of New Zealand and Papa New guinea with the same spec. Pearce wonders if they are meant to believe that their John Doe (the Code 5) is an environmentalist. There was a conference in Rio in 1992, says Vaughan, everyone who was green was there. And our man did come from Brazil, says Mike. Pearce tells them to check out the delegates from the conference.

Kirsty is bored, and tries to gain access to Jacob's PC, but she can't get the right password. She gets up to go looking for Jacob, and gets a lift and goes down to reception. Behind the desk there are some monitors showing the car park. She spots a car with a driver in the drivers seat, but they aren't moving - it looks suspect.

Back at HQ, Angie is setting some controls for their guest. Suddenly the room he is being held in is flooded with gas.

Jacob is caught feeding on a security guard.

Jacob is caught feeding on a security guard.

Kirsty investigates the car in the car park. She finds a man sitting in the car looking blank. Jacob is also there feeding on the mans blood via his neck. He senses Kirsty is there and turns to face her, blood all round his mouth. Kirsty is shocked, and runs. Jacob calls after her, and then catches her, covering her mouth to stop her screaming...

Kirsty wakes up back in the building, with the man in the car standing over her asking if she's okay - he's a security guard for the building she's in. She passed out in the basement, he explains. Kirsty asks where Jacob is, the guard says he's around, Jacob asked him to look in on her. Kirsty looks at his neck, but there is no blood, and no visible puncture wounds, although they could be hidden under his collar. The guard comments that he doesn't mind Jacob hiding out here if he's in trouble, but he can't have people wandering around tripping the alarm. He asks if she'll stay put from now on. She nods, and he leaves.

Once gone, Jacob returns, "Seems fine doesn't he?" he says. "We don't take much, and you don't remember." he shrugs. He walks towards her and she backs away. If he was going to, he'd have done it by now, he says. Still, not entirely convinced, she asks what he wants. What he doesn't want if for her to have a heart attack. If she's that scared she can leave. He's not going to come after her, she can go and never hear from him again - just like Jack. That gets her attention. "That's why Michael killed him," Jacob says...

Angie begins her examination of the John Doe. He's strapped to a table and there are guards around them. She looks at his neck and sees a small scar. He asks when he gets the knife. That depends on him, she says.

"Don't pretend this is a reluctant pleasure," he says, "Is this the treatment your husband can expect? You seem to think we're the ones who change after death. I wonder what happened to the person your husband described to me. He's not the one who lost his humanity. I understand why you've become this person. You don't want his life back, you want your own."

Angie takes a blood sample, but the syringe looks empty

Angie takes a blood sample, but the syringe looks empty.

Angie says nothing and takes a blood sample. The syringe appears to contain nothing. "You won't find any answers in there," he says.

Meanwhile Kirsty is coming to terms with what Jacob is. She asks him who did this to him. "No one crosses over who doesn't want to," he says. She asks why he'd choose to cross over. He wanted to know what it was like. He says it's the same, only better - he's never felt more alive. But he must be different - surely? So, Michael was right to kill Jack - just because he was different? Jacob asks. He says Jack loved her. He can't have done she says, not if he chose this. Jacob tells her Jack would have told her everything if he'd been given the chance.

And then what? Was she supposed to go with him? If she loved him enough, Jacob says, yes. But the choice was taken away from her, because Mike was scared of Jack. Hell, Mike was scared of Kirsty when he thought she was one of them. He was prepared to shoot her. If he can't tell the difference, and she can't tell the different, "are we really that different?" Jacob asks.

Back at HQ Angie tells Pearce what's she found out so far. Their guest has an ambient temperature, no respiration, no heartbeat. She thinks he's fading, but Pearce says they can't die. Angie tells him that he's asks for him. Pearce gets up to go talk to him, but Angie advises against it, Pearce isn't on top form. He goes anyway.

At Frances' flat, she talks Mike through the files they downloaded from Jacob's PC. There's a story about an Ecowatch Activist being hospitalized, after the cleanup of a nuclear accident. He got closer than anyone else and ended up with cancer of the thyroid. That was five years ago, he's long dead Frances says. Mike just looks at her. How does this bring them any closer to Jacob? "It doesn't," says Mike, "and our time's up."

At HQ, Pearce talks to their guest from behind the two way mirror. He wanted to see Pearce, but Pearce says that's not possible. Would he deny a man his last request? "I didn't know immortals had last requests," Pearce jokes. "Only you, no guards" is the reply.

Mike meets Jacob on Hammersmith Bridge.

Mike meets Jacob on Hammersmith Bridge.

Later that night Mike meets jacob on the bridge. Before they do anything else Mike wants proof that Kirsty is okay. Jacob pulls out a mobile phone and dials a number before handing it to Mike. He takes it and speaks to Kirsty. He tells her that Jacob isn't what she thinks he is, and that she should get out. "I know what he is. I know what Jack was and what you did to him. You were gonna do the same to me..." her voice breaks and Mike looks at Jacob. "People don't just stop being people Michael. You murdered him."

Mike pulls a gun on Jacob and she stops talking and turns off her phone. Mike closes Jacob's phone and throws it back to him. As Jacob catches the phone, Mike out his gun. "So what's to stop me?" Mike asks, meaning is there any reason he shouldn't just shoot Jacob now. Jacob replies, he likes Kirsty, and wouldn't do anything to hurt her, but it isn't up to him.

Pearce decides to go into the room with the Code 5 in. The Code five comments that he'd forgotten what it was like to see himself. "I don't see a resemblance." Pearce says. "I was dying once," the Code 5 replies, and asks him to come closer.

"You lot really know how to make black, white don't you?" Mike comments.

"Logical argument," Jacob replies, "Ethics? You should try it."

"What? If I don't do what you want you'll kill her?"

"And then we'll do worse than that. It's a just war. Ask your priest."

"Your man's in maximum security, I can't spring him."

Jacob negotiates with Mike "We don't want him. We want Robert March."

He's a pile of ashes Mike says. "Shouldn't be difficult to get him out then," Jacob smiles.

The Code 5 asks Pearce what is it that he wants to know? Pearce asks why he chose to cross over. "To save my sole" the Code 5 replies, "you see, when a human dies the sole dies too. We're the source of all religions. We are the afterlife. There's nothing else."

Jacob asks Mike to think about it. His new friends don't want them to develop synthetic blood. They don't want to stop a war, they just want it to carry on. "They do that by demonising the other side. It's takes someone with imagination to put a stop to war. Politician not a soldier. Michael, we've had our eye on you from the start. Because we think you might just have it in you. Angie wants him back just as much as we do, you'd be doing her a favour. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is all for Kirsty. For what it's worth I believe Kirsty really does care about you.."

Mike leaves the bridge without saying a word...

Back at HQ Vaughn is not a happy man. He's found out Pearce went and spoke to the Code 5 without guards in the room. He was alone in there for 45 minutes! Pearce offer to let Vaughn check him for marks. "You had no right!" Vaughn says.

"Will that be all?" Pearce says - still not looking Vaughn in the eye. Vaughn realises he's getting nowhere fast.

"Was it worth it?" Vaughn asks. Pearce doesn't reply. "What is this? The sin of the confessional?"

Still nothing. Vaughn leaves Pearce's office.

Vaughn goes into the room with the two way mirror and goes to a cupboard in one of the walls. He stops a recorder and takes out a mini disc, and listens to the contents of it. Pearce meanwhile has had enough for the day and decides to leave. Vaughn then goes into Pearce's office and starts looking for something.

Angie goes back into the room with the Code 5 in, to do some more tests. Mike is watching her through the two way mirror as she cuts into the scar across the Code 5's neck. No blood seeps out from her cut, but still Mike is disturbed as it seems the Code 5 is still awake. Mike then goes to the room housing all the "dusted" Code 5's. He sits at a computer screen and does a search to find Robert March's remains. He finds what he was after and opens one of the "cells" and takes out a long silver tube with ashes in.

Vaughan eventually finds a bottle of prescription drugs which Angie gave Pearce, so he knows something is wrong with Pearce. Pearce meanwhile has decided to go to confession.

Vaughn confronts Angie about the drugs, "And don't give me no Doctor⁄Patient crap," he says.

"His decision, not mine."

"It's terminal isn't it?"

"It's treatable, there's no panic - "

"BUT HE'S NOT TAKING IT IS HE?" Vaughan interrupts.

"There are side effects. He wants to finish the case first."

"Yeah, well maybe he thinks he doesn't need it."

"He's got no choice I'm afraid."

"I don't know if he'd agree with you on that one." Vaughan places the mini disk on Angie's desk.

Mike is back at Frances' house. She opens what looks like a slim silver thermos and finds dust inside. "He wants this in exchange for Kirsty?" she says. Yes, says Mike. Frances still doesn't fully understand and wants to know what the powder is used for. Mike says he'll tell her afterwards, but Frances says that isn't good enough.

"I need to know what I'm helping you do."

"Save a life." Mike says.

"Well that's the problem. I don't know what you think she's worth. I'm not in love with her."

"Jesus!" Mike flips a bit, "Just help me."

She refuses. There are a lot of things she'll do for him, but there is a limit. She says he can stay in her house until tonight, but after that he's to leave the keys and she never wants to see him after that. Mike is left standing in her living room, while she goes outside and get in her car. She is visibly upset.

Vaughn and Angie listen to the mini disk recording of Pearce's conversation with the Code 5. It's a one sided recording as the Code 5's voice isn't on the disk - it doesn't record. Angie stops the disk after they hear Pearce say, "What would I be loosing if I crossed over?"

"Of course they'd like to head hunt him," Angie says, "Didn't it occur to you that Pearce might be using that? He's been fighting them longer than both of us put together.""

"And now he's fighting cancer. Why hasn't he clued us in? If he's getting all these amazing insights, it would be nice if he clued us in."

Angie hears some more of the disk. Pearce starts talking about poison.

Angie and Vaughan confront Pearce when he returns. There may have been something he missed. It was the usual Pearce assures them. Angie pushes the subject and says they were talking about poison. What was that all about? Pearce looks at Angie and then at Vaughn. Angie tells him she's told Vaughan about his cancer - she had to. Fine, Pearce says. He was talking about his cancer, a basic wind up. But why use that particular word? Poison? What's your point Pearce asks. Angie believe he was talking about himself. So he had cancer, so what? Thyroid cancer a classic symptom of radiation poisoning... "We should be looking at the nuclear industry, not just the hospitals," she says.

Jacob is back at the office building with Kirsty. She asks him what it's like to never be able to see yourself. He remembers the first time he looked into a mirror and saw nothing. It gave him an incredible feeling of self. It works both ways as well. When he's this close to her and he looks in her eyes, he can't see himself - there's only her. She tells Jacob she wants to go with him this evening. She needs to see Mike. He said he's bring the man jacob wanted in exchange for her. But he tried to kill her. Jacob tries to explain, that in Mike's mind there are two Kirsty's. If she's human - then he wants to protect her, but if she's turned, then she doesn't deserve to live.

"But you have killed people?" she asks.

"There's a war on." Jacob replies, "We don't want land. We don't want power. We don't ask for much. Is it so much?"

Kirsty shakes her head, but says nothing.

Angie and Vaughan go to a place which deals with Nuclear Clean ups. A woman meets them, and Angie thanks her for clearing her schedule to talk to them. The woman says it's okay - so few people want to talk about Chenoble these days. Angie says they want to talk about one of their researchers who went over for the clean up, Paul Hoyle. The woman says that it cost him his life, Iodine 131 fall out, a short lived isotope, but medically - extremely hazardous. In a matter of months he developed thyroid cancer. Vaughan asks about Paul's background. Paul was a nuclear scientist, working at Selifield. "Converts always make the best radicals," she says.

Angie asks if there are any files on his work left. The woman comments it's a bit late for the government to start a file on him. Angie says they're not from the government. "That's not what your colleague said on the phone." the woman replies.

Outside the building, Frances pulls up in her car and walks into the building. Vaughan shows Frances his ID, it has "T Branch" written on it. Frances takes a closer look and asks who Vaughan reports. Angie asks Frances to come with them. Frances says a quick phone call can sort this out. Vaughan gets annoyed and takes Frances' mobile phone and grabs her arm.

At HQ, Angie shows Pearce a file. It contains information about what Paul Hoyle was working on at Selifield before he became an activist. Nuclear Winter. It can happen a number of ways, a meteorite strike, a volcanic activity a nuclear blast. Enough dust is propelled into the upper atmosphere, blocking out the sun for up to 12 months. The forest fires are just a dry run, Vaughn says. Synthetic blood isn;t about peace, it's about war, Angie adds.

Pearce questions Frances. They both want to help Mike, but it's important they know what he's been asked to do. Pearce then releases Mike hasn't told her everything, that's why she was doing her own research. Paul Hoyle is involved in something far worse than nuclear pollution. Can she afford to stay silent.

She relents and tells them it's a chemical. Vaughan and Angie immediately go to the "cells" to check who's missing. Angie opens a cells while Vaughan checks the computer.

Pearce asks Frances where Mike is. Why? What is it? she asks. "You're going to have to have faith." Pearce says.

"I know Mike. I don't know you." Frances replies. She clearly won't budge, so they take her to the room with the two way mirror. Paul Hoyle is still strapped to the table in his room. Pearce goes into the room where Paul is, while Vaughan, Angie and Frances watch from behind the mirror. Pearce explains that this is Paul Hoyle, the man Frances has been researching, the man that died five years ago. Paul seems surprised that Pearce knows his name.

"Jumping ships twice? Never a good idea." Paul says.

Pearce thanks him for his interest and then proceeds to shoot him three times in the chest. Paul explodes, shattering the mirror. All that's left on the table are some clothes and a lot of ash - just like the chemical she saw in the tube Mike had...

Jacob and Kirsty are on the bridge waiting for Mike. He turns up carrying a case. Kirsty comments that he's alone - he didn't bring the man she supposed to be exchanged for. Jacob says nothing. Up in a nearby building Vaughan is looking through a gun sight adapted for night vision. Vaughan asks why they are so keen to get Angie's husband back, after all he can't be the only scientist with the know how. Angie replies, there was no-one like him. There still isn't.

Vaughan trails the gun sight further down the bridge and spots Jacob. He can drop him now he says, but Angie tells him to wait. As the Jacob, Mike and Kirsty move closer together, Vaughan looses his target. He can only shoot Kirsty or Mike now. He tells Angie he can take out Mike, but she tells him to wait again - that's an order.

Mike asks when Jacob is going to tell Kirsty the truth. The truth is you kill him, Kirsty says. "He was going to come after you" Mike says.

"Maybe I would have liked him to," she replies, "You ever think of that?"

That's enough Jacob says. He asks Mike to show it to him. Mike bends down and opens the brief case and takes out the silver tube. Vaughn is still looking through his gun sight and has a clear shot of Mike. This isn't a lab he says to Angie, they can't control what happens out here. Yet again she tells him to wait. Vaughan then notices that Pearce is missing...

Mike holds the silver tube, and Kirsty asks what is it. From behind Kirsty and Jacob, Pearce emerges saying, "tell her Michael. It is peace they're after Michael. Final peace."

Jacob begins to feel hemmed in and tries to grab the silver tube. He doesn't get it and so grabs Kirsty instead, holding a hand over her mouth. Mike automatically pulls his gun out, but Pearce just stands there. Pearce carries on talking, and tells Mike that they plan to create a nuclear winter, which will allow them to roam the earth all day. It would give them time to take control and then the mass killing can start. That's why they were developing synthetic blood. They need a substitute, for when we're all dead. Mike's seen the evidence. All the research into blood disorders, the environmental issues. Mass infection to ease the take over, genetic engineering to replace recruitment.

Jacob taunts Mike by saying he's got his own fantasies to worry about. And Makes a big deal of going to bite Kirsty. Mike yells stop, and places the silver tube down on the ground, and puts his gun back in it's holster. Jacob walks forward still holding Kirsty and picks up the tube and opens it. He then lets her go. Vaughan tells Angie he has a clear shot, but she tells him to back off.

Jacob pours the ash out onto the ground and then cuts his own wrist. Blood pours out and lands on the ash. Vaughn is getting itchy trigger finger, and finally Angie tells him to take his shot. He pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn't fire. He forgot to do something to the rifle. He fixes the problem, but Angie uses her gun and takes the shot instead. A few bullets go astray, but she hits Jacob and he explodes. Not before he's placed his hand in the ash though.

Jack is regenerated

Jack is regenerated.

Suddenly the ash on the ground starts to bubble and a red light encircles it. Everyone watches as the Code 5 re-generates. But it doesn't form Robert March. It forms Jack. Kirsty looks on in disbelief. "It's what you wanted," Mike tells her.

Kirsty calls Jack's name. He turns to look at her and then back at Mike, "What's this?," he says, "Visiting hours?" He then spots Vaughn and Angie at the window and grabs Kirsty. Mike is clearly upset, and unsure what to do. Jack kisses a distressed Kirsty before saying "Get a life" and jumping over the railing into the water. He doesn't come up for air.

Vaughan and Angie come down to the bridge along with a number of armed gunman. Vaughan grabs Mike, but Pearce tells him to let him go. Jack isn't important he says. At least they've learnt how they re-generate now. He then turns to Mike and asks if he's in or out. Vaughn can't believe Pearce is thinking of trusting Mike again. Vaughan looks at Kirsty and asks, "what about her?"

Pearce turns to her and says Jack's advice was good. She should let him go.

Back at base, Angie puts her husband back into his own cell, after Mike moved him to Jack's. Vaughan watches in the background, but says noting. Pearce meanwhile starts his medication.

Mike leans against the wall.

Mike leans against the wall.

Kirsty sits in the interview room at the HQ. Mike opens the door and says she's free to go now. She walks out the door but then turns and asks if he's scared she'll go to the papers. "With what?" he asks. She slaps him hard on the cheek. Did he think bringing Jack back would teach her a lesson!?

"Why did you do it?" she asks.

"I'd tried everything else," he says weakly.

She leaves and he lets her go. As Mike walks home, Jack appears near an alley way. He says it looks like he owes him one. Mike immediately pulls out a gun and points it at Jack. Don't worry, Jack assures him, he'll stay away from Kirsty. "But let's keep in touch, yeah?" he says before disappearing.

Mike slides down a wall and drops his gun. Where does he go from here?

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