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Danni Ashford is visiting her mother at the home where she is spending her remaining years. It's now the early hours of the morning and it won't be long before the sun rises. She looks out the window and sees that her boyfriend is still waiting in the car. A nurse enters the room and asks if she's kept her mother awake all night. Danni replies that they lost track of time. She says goodbye to her mother and goes out to the car.

Her boyfriend greets her and she's slightly surprised he waited so long. He asks whether her mother answered her question. "I think so" she replies. She seems like she has a big decision to make, and the man is patient and will wait for as long as it takes. They keep looking at the sky, as if worried about the sun rise coming soon. The car has darkened windows, so the man doesn't seem to be too worried. Danni asks if he dreams. He can't remember. She tells him she's ready. "Good" he says.

Meanwhile Mike is on a shooting range with Vaughan. He asks why no-one has ever taken a Code 5 alive, dead, or un-dead, whatever! Vaughan replies they are superior to us, stronger, faster, surprise is about the only thing we have going for us.

Lester's eye turns completely blue

Lester's eye turns completely blue.

Danni and her companion are driving in daylight now, the darkened windows of the car protect him. He's obviously in a hurry to get somewhere, and he aggravates a motorcyclist, Neil, who has his girlfriend, Sal, on the back of the bike. At some road works, the car stops waiting for the green light, and Neil stops his bike and picks up a bar from the road works site. He proceeds to beat the side of the car with it, and demand that the driver get out of the car. He eventually puts a crack in the side window, and the man driving starts to burn. His eye goes completely blue, and he stops Danni from leaving the car. Grabbing her arm, he also burns it, but it stops her opening her car door and letting more sunlight in. He drives away, knocking over the motorbike and Sal still on it.

Vaughn warning Mike about staying close to Kirsty

Vaughn warning Mike about staying close to Kirsty.

Back at the shooting range, Mike prepares to take his next shot, but stops when he sees a computer image of Kirsty as his next target. "Your point?" he asks Vaughan. "If you don't like the idea, then keep away from her. She's had contact.". His point is that he can't have anyone too close to him, otherwise the leaches (the pet name Vaughan gives people who are Code 5) will find out and use them against him. He then says Mike has a friend. Him.

Down in the "cells" Vaughan introduces Mike to some of his friends. They were all taken, Angie thinks leaches knew about the Gulf War Syndrome before they did. They are obsessed with diseases and disorders, anything that can contaminate their food supply. It doesn't kill them, contaminated blood, but it must hurt. When they were taken he had to neutralise them. "Friendly fire," Mike says. Mike knows what its like, and if he doesn't want to have to do it again, Vaughn suggests he let Kirsty go.

Mike goes home to find Kirsty waiting for him outside his front door. She says she found out from his old boss that he'd quit the force for personal reasons. She wants to know if it was because of Jack. He just needed a change Mike lies. She tells him she's not going to let Jack ruin her life. Mike's spent ten years in the force, is he really going to throw all that away? "It's just a job" he replies. And what about her? "I thought we had more in common than just Jack." she says.

Before they can talk more, Mike's doorbell rings. It's Vaughan, they have a job. He refuses to meet Mike there, and when Mikes asks for ten minutes, he looks behind him at Kirsty and says, "what for?" Mike introduces them to each other. Kirsty recognises Vaughan, as he was at the church asking questions about Jack. Mike lies and says the case isn't closed yet, and Vaughan says he can't talk about the case to Kirsty. But he can talk to Mike. She understands just fine, and leaves in a huff.

Angie looks at the remains of the car

Angie looks at the remains of the car.

The car Danni was in has been abandoned in a tunnel. Angie is already on the scene and puts on rubber gloves to examine the car. Inside there is still some smoky residue and a few ashes. Pearce asks if that's their man. "Some of him", Angie replies, "What ever's left can't be too pretty.". She's sure something survived, otherwise there wouldn't have been a car left.

The car is registered to Lester Hammond, as in Gideon Hammond's son. Angie doesn't have all the details, but for a rich kid he's become something of a recluse the last few years. He's terribly shy of daylight, and there are no recent pictures of him despite the paparazzi.

Neil is at the police station talking with Vaughan about the accident. He's clearly not happy, and Vaughan's manner isn't helping any. Vaughan is trying to make him forget he saw anything strange, but he won't be swayed very easily.

Mike tries talking to Sal

Mike tries talking to Sal.

Mike meanwhile is talking to Sal. She's in hospital in full padded restraints as she has a major spinal injury and can't move. Mike tries to convince her that she should persuade Neil to keep quiet about what he saw.

Vaughan and Neil then arrive at the hospital. Neil is ranting that he got the licence plate, they should have the guy in custody by now. Vaughan lies saying it didn't check out, and that he must have got that wrong too. They arrive at his girlfriend's room, and Neil sees Mike's made her cry. He goes to punch Mike, but Vaughan's restrains him and takes him away.

Back at base, Pearce tells them that the counterfeiting Mike found before is just a small thing. Lester Hammond has a fortune, or rather his father does. So why not recruit him? asks Mike. He's a public figure, and you know what happens if they go out in public during the day. Beside they have much more subtle ways of manipulating their targets, Angie tells him. They often use children. Neutralising him is not their first priority, they need answers. Pearce tells them to, "Follow the money".

Angie goes to the Hammond house to interview Gideon Hammond. Father and son haven't spoken for nearly three years, Angie asks why. Lester's mother died, and Gideon stopped bailing him out. So who's supporting him now? He was driving a customised Jaguar, that costs money. Lester has a talent for talking people out of their money, Gideon tells her. He's use his name when it suited him, and every few months he'd get another visit from one of his son's creditors. He always talks about his son in the past tense Angie notices. "Really. How very telling" Gideon replies.

Gideon then asks how Sal is. He'll have to organise Lester's defence when they do finally catch up with him. Angie says she'll never walk again unaided due to her spinal injury. Gideon promises she'll be taken care of, and that Lester will find no sanctuary with him.

While waiting to see Danni, Vaughan and Mike wait in the lobby of her building. Mike asks if Angie has any kids. Vaughan says she has one, they left her with one. Danni then appears and she takes them up to her office. They say they are dealing with an attempted murder by her client. She turns out to be Gideon's broker and looked after Lester's accounts up until three years ago. He dealt directly with his brokers until his father stopped bailing him out. His father deals mostly with the future markets and bonds, and there is no way Lester can get at his father's money short of armed robbery. Futures are where transactions are all done face to face over a trading room floor. They are done at "LIFE" the London International Futures Exchange. But security is very tight she tells them, they'll never get on the floor.

After they leave, Danni gets a call from Gideon telling her to liquidate everything, he's closing their account.

At LIFE, Vaughan and Mike are watching the exchange floor on video. Vaughan then phones Angie. It's a nice set up, almost "invisible" earnings. They can get onto the floor and do exchanges face to face without being detected on video. There are no windows to the exchange, making it a perfect place to make money. However all the money is being made on Gideon's account, leading Vaughan to believe that they are in it together, and that Gideon is lying. Angie is surprised. Gideon isn't exactly a doting father, and she's spoken to him in broad daylight, no signs of infection. She also tells him there may have been someone else in the car with Lester. She's found a partly melted mobile phone in the car. As Code 5's can't be recorded on audio or visual electronic equipment they can not use mobile phones as their voice couldn't be heard on the other end.

Danni then makes a call from a pay phone to Lester. He replies using a computer generated voice telling her to stay calm. She's worried that liquidating everything won't be enough to throw Mike and Vaughan off, and will just lead them straight to him.

Back at base, Vaughan and Mike fill in Pearce on what they have found so far. Gideon has been selling his stock and turning it into Certificates of Deposit, the next best thing to cash, he can off load them anywhere. Danni is coordinating the sale, and Gideon wants the hand over of the certificates in person. He won't say why he's closing the account and the bank is going mad. The handover will be at Gideon's place, where Vaughan and co will be ready to pick up Lester.

Mike asks if they shouldn't bring in Danni for questioning under UV to see if she's infected. Vaughan tells him not everyone involved is infected, they comply for all sorts of reasons. They have ways of knowing what you want, or who.

In the lab, Angie is looking at some blood under the microscope. Pearce joins her joking that she spends all her time in the lab, and that Vaughan and Mike have made some progress in the outside world. She then tells him Gideon was heavily into property, especially basements with no heating or plumping. She's been with his financial director all day and has only just arrived in the lab. he's building safe houses, but that doesn't expand their picture. Angie is following up some leads of off shore companies that may turn up something.

That night Mike turns up on Frances' door step. She knows he's moved to T branch, but she hasn't heard from him since. So Jack was involved in terrorism was he? "Believe it or not", Mike replies. She invites him in, saying he can have a drink and tell her what he wants then she's throwing him out. He asks her how she stops work interfering with her life. Her post isn't that sensitive, so its not really an issue. Mike's been warned off of those he was close to, but they don't know about her. They did know Jack, so she correctly guesses Mike's been told to stay away from Kirsty. She advises him to quit his job, before he's in too deep, he's too straight for it. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and then leaves.

The burn on Danni's arm looks like fingers

The burn on Danni's arm looks like fingers.

Danni takes a shower after a game of squash. Her arm still has a nasty burn on it and it looks very saw when she takes the bandage off. Later she arrives outside St. Paul's Cathedral where Lester is waiting for her. It's night, so Lester is hard to see, but its obvious he's badly burned. She asks if he's in pain. "I'll live" he replies. Danni says the certificate will be there at close of play the following day, as will those investigating him. They know all about him, what he is, everything, she warns. They don't know anything, and neither will she if she keeps sitting on the fence.

Mike comes out of his house and gets in his car the following morning. Kirsty follows him in her car, but Mike spots her quickly and pulls over. She parks in front of him, and Mike asks her what she's doing. She turns the question around and asks him the same thing. It looks like he's going to work, "where's that then?" she asks. She's fed up being lied to and wants some answers. She knows Mike is trying to protect her, but she wants to know. Mike confesses he's working for the people who investigated Jack, but denies it was him that turned him in. She agrees to meet with Mike the following day to talk.

Back at the office, Mike is looking at pictures of Lester. In them he has brown eyes, but Neil, the biker, said they were blue.

Later, Vaughan and Mike are watching Danni looking at the certificates under a UV lamp to check for the watermarks. Mike notices she has a burn on the back of her hand. He explains to the rest of the gang that he believes she was in the car with Lester when the bike went up. It seems flimsy, but the records of her mobile phone show she called an old people's home on the night before the accident with the motorbike. The home is on the same motorway that the car was found. Mike concludes that Danni is a decoy, and that they should bring her in for questioning and call off the stake out. Angie disagrees, saying they will keep with the stake out, and, if nothing happens, they can bring her in afterwards. Mike doesn't agree with this and says, "I know he said follow the money, but let's show a bit of initiative." as he leaves.

Mike goes to visit Sal in hospital. She's still can't move at all. He asks her if Neil said anything to her about the incident. He said the guy had blue eyes, how can Neil be sure, he only saw them for a split second? She tells Mike that Neil said they went all blue when the sun hit him.

A photo showing Lester with Margaret, obviously taken some time ago

A photo showing Lester with Margaret, obviously taken some time ago.

While Vaughan is busy loading his gun, Mike meets Angie at the old people's home. They interview the nurse who is looking after Danni's mother. The payments came regular as clockwork every month, but it was the first time she had visited her mother. Perhaps her conscious finally got the better of her, or maybe her boyfriend persuaded her. They discover that Danni's mother worked for a bank in the city. They go through some of her personal belongings and find a letter and a picture. The letter is from an man who she seemed to be close to called Waldo. He's still around as the picture proves. Except he's not going by the name Waldo anymore. It's not Gideon's son they are looking for it's his father. Danni's mother used to look after his accounts, and then she took over. She must have known him all her life, a man that never aged.

Vaughan and his hit squad men prepare to ambush the hand over and get Lester. They wait in the shelter of some trees and spot Danni as she arrives.

Meanwhile Mike and Angie have moved onto the bank where Danni works. They speak to one of her colleagues about the Hammond account. He tells them he must be over 90 now and that he's never seen Mr. Hammond, but that the account has been with them since the war. He gives all his money to charity, AIDS foundations, all sorts of disorders. All blood disorders, Angie points out. They must have heard of the Beacon Institute then...?

At Gideon's house, Danni gives the certificates to Gideon. She asks if he was ever afraid of Lester (Waldo). Gideon says he was an obedient child, so he had no cause to chastise him. As they talk Vaughan is outside the house waiting for Lester. Danni leaves and a movement is seen in the bushes. One of Vaughan's men prepares to fire, but Vaughan stops him and deflects the shot. The man in the bushes is Neil. Vaughan then approaches Danni and after ripping her shirt sleeve to reveal her burn, he asks where Lester is.

Patients at the Beacon institute

Patients at the Beacon institute.

Mike and Angie meanwhile are at the Beacon Institute. Mike finds a room with patients in beds, all are bald and looking incredibly weak. One is on the floor and looks like he's dead. Mike sees a car pull up outside, and then Angie comes into the room. Mike wants to call someone to help, but Angie says no. Not until they know what they're dealing with.

Mike sits outside smoking a fag as the last of the patients are taken away to be cared for properly. Angie comes out and tells Mike that it was a Hospice, and the patients thought they were on the latest drug trials. They have been exposed to radiation well above clinical doses.

Vaughan deals with Neil, who got address from his insurance company. He came to the house as Vaughan and co didn't seem to be doing anything. Neil is then taken away in a van, and Vaughan, along with Pearce, set about searching Gideon's house. Pearce notices a patch on the wall where a picture used to hang. Gideon had tried to hide it with another picture. Upstairs is the picture that used to hang there. It's of Gideon's father, Waldo, now known as Lester. Gideon's own son took an overdose three years ago, and is buried in the grounds. Waldo simply took Lester's place. He's always ruled Gideon's life, even promising to take him someday, but he never did. He became too useful where he was.

Mike and Angie are back at base questioning Danni. She won't tell them anything, and argues for Lester. They only take those who want to go, she tells them. Angie disagrees, "They don't just recruit, they kill" she says. Her five year old daughter didn't have a choice. They have a right to fight back, its war after all, Danni says.

Vaughan asks Mike if he wants a drink to celebrate. Celebrate? Celebrate what? Sal will never walk again, and Waldo gets away with it. Not exactly a great result Mike thinks. Well, they've put a big dent in their operations, and Waldo⁄Lester will have to live with his burns for the rest of his un-natural life. Plus anaesthetic doesn't work on Code 5's, so he's in constant pain. Vaughan calls that a result.

That night Neil walks home to his flat. In the bathroom Lester surprises him by saying, "This is how it looks, let me show you how it feels." A scream is heard from outside the flat.

Later Mike and co are at Neil's flat. Mike quips, "And you said they didn't have feelings, if that's not a grudge I don't know what is." Mike then asks again why they don't go public with this, let people protect themselves. Vaughan says no, they'd have a major panic on their hands. People would become paranoid, go back to the church in droves. The next thing you'd know, the Arch Bishop would be up for Prime Minister. Mike then asks who will tell Sal. "Not you" Vaughan shouts. Then he asks if this is about Neil's girlfriend or Mike's. He hits a nerve and Mike leaves.

Mike walks away, clearly upset

Mike walks away, clearly upset.

Mike phones Kirsty that night, agreeing to meet her the following day before work, as they have some things to discuss. Vaughan on the other hand is at the hospital where Sal was. He gets to her room, but finds the bed empty, and the window broken. There's a neck brace on the floor, and it's covered in blood.

Sal then turns up at Mike's house while he's sleeping on the couch. To begin with he thinks it's Kirsty, but bolts upright when he realises who it is and the fact that she's walking. She tries to convince him that he's on the wrong side, but she doesn't get very far as Vaughan comes from behind and stabs her through the heart. He then runs for cover as she explodes shattering all Mike's windows in the front room, and setting of a few car alarms. Looking at the pile of ashes, Vaughan then says, "Time to move"

Kirsty asks where he'll go, when they meet up the follow day. He doesn't know, but even if he did it doesn't look like he'd tell her. He thinks they should take a break from each other for a while. Kirsty asks why, and he says she'll never get over Jack if she keeps hanging around him. But they could help each other she argues. No, she needs to move on. He leaves her after being a bit harsh with her, she watches him go, not knowing what to think. He walks away visibly upset about what he's had to do.

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